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Jiangxi Taurus Technology Co., Ltd. is a total solution provider of pedestal support system and tile leveling system. Professional research and development, production, and sales of stone support, floor support, keel support, water feature support, prefabricated support and other universal support support overhead products and tile leveling products (ODM). Manufacturers accept product customization (OEM), own Taurus brand (OBM). Committed to providing high-quality adjustable plastic pedestal products and tile leveling products, professional solution consulting and technical support for garden landscape, mirror water features, roof gardens, squares, drought spraying, interior decoration, balcony decoration, fabricated buildings and other projects service.

adjustable paving support
Own Factories
The scale of the plant is over 10,000 square meters, and more than 20 professional automated production lines.
adjustable paving support
Own Quality Equipment
Our company set up a quality inspection center with a full range of testing equipment.
adjustable paving support
Own Warehouses
Our company has four storage bases in Jiangxi, Chengdu, Jiangsu and Guangzhou, China.
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If you need adjustable plastic pedestal, please feel free to contact us!

JNZ ® - What we provide

adjustable plastic pedestal

Adjustable Paving Pedestal

adjustable plastic pedestal

Adjustable Joist Pedestal

adjustable plastic pedestal plastic pedestal

Adjustable plastic pedestal is a new building material introduced.Its main raw material is high density polypropylene. Its main features include: high strength、aging resistance、 long service life、strong weather ability、unaffected by hot and cold moisture and so on. Adjustable plastic pedestal is consist of an adjustable base and a rotatable joint, its center is extender, we can add the extender and rotating screw thread to adjust the wanted height.

Taurus adjustable plastic pedestal is applicable to prefabricated house、garden landscape、mirror-like waterscape、roof garden、square、fountain、interior decoration、balcony decoration and other projects.


JNZ ® - What we do

adjustable plastic pedestal [ JNZ ® ] Taurus Pedestal - Professional universal support overhead system overall solution provider

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adjustable plastic pedestal
adjustable decking pedestal

Tile square support overhead

adjustable plastic pedestal

Fountain waterscape support overhead

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Prefabricated house support overhead

adjustable plastic pedestal

Roof garden support overhead

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JNZ ® - Why we are better

adjustable plastic pedestalPerfect product design

  • Excellent designer team;
  • Diversified product specifications;
  • Providing customized design services.

adjustable plastic pedestalComplete test data

  • Third-party inspection report;
  • Product exit certificate;
  • Exit inspection report.

adjustable plastic pedestalStrong production capacity

  • Self-built factory can be inspected on site;
  • Regular stock 20,000 sets;
  • The daily output is 6000 sets.

adjustable plastic pedestal Excellent customer service

  • Professional team one-to-one service;
  • Provide one-site technical guidance;
  • 7*24 hours work throughout the whole year.

adjustable plastic pedestal Fast door-to-door delivery

  • Delivery on the day of placing an order;
  • Signed long-term strategic cooperation with courier;
  • National distribution througout the year.
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