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Types of Tile Clips and Wedges

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Tile Clips and Wedges
C01 Tile Clips

Suitable for 3-12mm tile thickness

Tile Clips and Wedges
C02 Tile Clips

Suitable for 3-12mm tile thickness

Tile Clips and Wedges
C03 Tile Clips

Suitable for 15-22mm tile thickness

Tile Clips and Wedges
C04 Tile Clips

Suitable for 3-12mm tile thickness

Tile Clips and Wedges
W01 Tile Wedges

Tile Clips and Wedges
W02 Tile Wedges

Tile Clips and Wedges
W03 Tile Wedges

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How To Use Tile Leveling Clips?

  • 1. Apply adhesive/cement to the tile.
  • 2. Insert clips under the tile along all four sides. Larger tiles may require two clips per side.
  • 3. Place another tile next to the clip.
  • 4. Insert wedge into the clip, press the wedge with pliers to fix the tile in place.
  • 5. Allow 24 hours for the adhesive/cement to properly set.
  • 6. Use a kick or hammer to break the clip.
  • 7. Sweep the surface and save any reusable wedges.

How Many Leveling Clips Do I Need?

Tile Clips and Wedges

When determining the number of tile clips required for your project, several factors must be considered, including:

  • The size and layout of your tiling project.
  • The thickness and type of tile being used.
  • The design of the tile pattern (e.g. brickwork, herringbone, straight-lay).
  • Any edges or corners that require wedges and clips.

In addition, it is important to consider any necessary tile fractures or cuts, as well as any unique shapes or patterns that may require additional clips. To properly plan and estimate your project's needs, creating a basic layout or sketch of your collage beforehand can be helpful. It is also recommended to have extra clips readily available in the event of unexpected issues or changes during the tiling process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:Tile clips and wedges can save time and money. When used correctly, they will provide a level surface and even gaps on many types of materials, with the option to choose the appropriate size based on your needs.

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