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How To Remove Broken Tile Leveling Clips?

Aug 24,2023

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When laying tiles, tile leveling clips are an indispensable tool to ensure a level surface. However, sometimes when removing the clips, they can break and become difficult to remove.

What are some effective ways to remove broken tile leveling clips?Here are some methods:

Method 1: Use pliers

If the tile leveling clip sticks out from the tile surface, you can use pliers to take it out. Gently grip the clip with the pliers and wiggle back and forth until it loosens from the tile. If the clip won't come off, try twisting it.

Method 2: Break the clip

You can use a small hammer or chisel to break off a partially broken tile leveling clip. Be careful not to damage surrounding tiles. First, chisel away any excess material that may be holding the clip in place. Then gently tap the edge of the clip until it breaks off completely.

Method 3: Use a vibrating tool

Another effective method is to use a vibrating tool to remove the tile leveling clip. Vibrating tools have blades that move back and forth and can easily cut through hard materials. To remove the clip using a vibrating tool, gently insert the blade between the tile and clip. Then, carefully move the blade back and forth until it loosens the clip and allows for easy removal.

Method 4: Use a screwdriver

To remove clips that are flush with the tile surface, one can use a screwdriver. First, locate the groove on the side of the clip. Then insert the screwdriver into the groove and twist back and forth until the clip comes loose. Be careful not to apply too much pressure and damage the tile.

Method 5: Use a small chisel

To remove a broken clip stuck in the grout line and take out the tile spacer, use a small chisel. First, gently pry up one corner of the spacer with the chisel. Then work around the spacer carefully, gradually lifting it up until it comes loose.

Method 6: Use a cutting wheel

If nothing else works and the clip gets stuck in the grout line, try a cutting wheel. Be careful when doing so, as you will need to cut through the grout line to remove the clip.

First, fix a metal blade onto the cutting wheel. To insert the blade into the grout line at the clip location, identify the specific area where the clip is stuck. Then, carefully pushing the blade into that area will dislodge and free the clip from the grout. Make sure to use caution when doing this to prevent any damage to the tiles or surrounding areas.

In summary,

if you're struggling with broken tile leveling clips that won't budge from the grout line, using a combination of the above-mentioned methods could help eliminate them competently. With practice and patience, you can successfully accomplish your task without causing any harm to the tiles or the nearby spaces. Just remember to be careful not to harm the surrounding tiles.

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