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TA-FH Series: Fixed Height Pedestal

The Taurus Fixed Height Pedestal is the most basic and straightforward entry-level support in the product series. It is designed for areas with very low requirements for elevated heights.It can be used for both paving and wooden floor installation, while also ensuring uniform and aesthetically pleasing gaps on the ground.Using a pedestal with a fixed height. No need for industrial adhesive, cement, sand, or other fixing materials at the bottom. Additionally, it requires low maintenance and is easy to upkeep

Product Series: TA-F 10mm Fixed height pedestal

Model: TA-F Fixed height pedestal

Height: 10mm

Base Diameter: 200mm

Head Diameter : 150mm

Bearing Weight: 3000KG

Material: High Density Polypropylene (HDPE)

Temperature Range : -30℃ to 90℃

Suitable for : Indoor and outdoor stone or wood floor installation

Compatible Accessories : Can be paired with shims/spacers, tabs, and joist cradles.

Detail: To elevate stone or wooden decks, simply place the appropriate spacers tab and shim, or joist cradle, on top of the pedestals. Our spacers tabs come in sizes of 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm. Different thicknesses of tabs ensure consistent spacing between the stones. When it comes to supporting joists such as wood beams, aluminum joists, or steel joists, we offer joist cradles in various sizes within the range of 50-70mm, 40mm, 60mm-80mm, and 100mm. The raised platform allows for faster drainage and prevents moisture buildup on the flooring. Adding a rubber pad at the bottom of the pedestals provides excellent shock absorption and noise reduction.

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Product Series: TA-H 5mm Deck Tile Connector

Model: TA-H Deck Tile Connector

Height: 5mm

Size: 100mm * 100mm

Bearing Weight: 3000KG

Material : High Density Polypropylene

Temperature Range : -30℃ to 90℃

Suitable for : Indoor and outdoor installation of stone or wood flooring

Compatible Accessories : Plastic Screws with 20mm

Deck Tile Connector system benefits include :
·Comer pins secure tile placement.
·Elevates the deck tile from the wet subsurface to help prevent woodrot.
·Chemical &UV resistant polyethylene.
·Predilled countersunk holes for easy fastening into a concrete slab orexisting wooden deck.
·Preset gap spacing for an even looking surface.
·Can be divided into halves or quarters easily with hand tools using thepremolded score lines.
·Center drain hole provides improved drainage for water runoff toprevent pooling in the comers.
·Matte texture provides better appearance between gaps.

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