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What is Self-Levelling Pedestals?

The self-leveling pedestal is a versatile flooring solution that can be used for both indoor and outdoor paving slabs and timber decking. It effectively solves the problem of uneven surfaces caused by an uneven foundation or uneven thickness of paving slabs. They are ideal for balconies, terraces, and building corridors. They are corrosion-resistant and provide strong stability. Taurus offers two solutions to address uneven surfaces: the TA-V self-leveling pedestal with an adjustable range of 52-225mm, and the adjustable pedestal with a base slope corrector plate, which can be used in conjunction with JNZ TA-A, TA-R, TA-U, TA-NR, and TA-T. Overall, self-leveling pedestals provide quick installation, adaptability, and durability for flooring systems.

The difference between the self-leveling pedestal and JNZ regular pedestals.

The main difference between the self-leveling pedestal and other JNZ pedestal series lies in the ball head connector. When the supporting surface is inclined, the ball head connector automatically adjusts the position of the support point to keep the entire surface level. This means that even if the ground is sloping, the entire surface can remain level. Another difference is the way the self-leveling pedestal adjusts its height. After the stone or deck is laid on the pedestal, the height of the pedestal can be adjusted using a T-shaped rotation key, making the installation process simpler and faster.

TA-V Series Self-Leveling Pedestals Informations

TA-V Series Adjustble Plastic Pedestal

Taurus Adjustable Plastic Pedestal focus on rearch & development and marketing adjustable plastic pedestal, pedestal for tile, floor pedestal, pedestal for decking and other multipurpose pedestal overhead system. We are committed to providing professional multipurpose pedestal overhead products, solution consulations and technical support services for garden landscape, mirror waterscape, roof garden, square, fountain, interior decoration, balcony decoration, prefabricated house and other projects.

Material: Modified PP material

Hegiht Range: 52-225mm

Bearing Weight: 600~900KG

Head Diameter: 120mm

Base Diameter: 200mm

Product Features: Anti-aging, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

Adjustment Height Range of Taurus TA-V
ModelHeight Range

Product Components

TA-V-23mm Base

TA-V-69mm Base

TA-V-110mm Base

TA-V-45mm Support Head

TA-V-75mm Support Head

TA-V-115mm Support Head

TA-V self leveling Spacer Tab 3mm

TA-V self leveling Spacer Tab 5mm

TA-V self leveling Joist Cradle

TA-V Fix collar

Tools to adjust the height of pedestal

Adjustment Key

Taurus Pedestal Video

Installation of TA-V adjustable pedestal (52-75mm)

Load bearing test of TA-V adjustable pedestal