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We provide you with ideal solutions to your on-site installation challenges. Whether you're dealing with uneven ground, require a lot of height, or need to carry heavy loads, our comprehensive selection of pedestal supports can meet your needs. Explore our diverse adjustable pedestals range and discover the perfect solution for your raised flooring.

Types of Pedestal Supports

Discover our diverse range of pedestal support systems, covering a full range of heights from 5mm to 1360mm. Offering ease of use, unparalleled versatility and exceptional stability, this system meets all your raised flooring needs.

Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-U pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 19-70mm
  • Bearing Weight : 1100~1500KG
  • Base Diameter : 200mm
  • Head Diameter : 150mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-R pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 75-1360mm
  • Bearing Weight : 1200~2500KG
  • Base Diameter : 200mm
  • Head Diameter : 150mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-NR pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 90-260mm
  • Bearing Weight : 1500~2000KG
  • Base Diameter : 200mm
  • Head Diameter : 150mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-V pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 52-225mm
  • Bearing Weight : 600~900KG
  • Base Diameter : 200mm
  • Head Diameter : 120mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-A pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 46-820mm
  • Bearing Weight : 800~1500KG
  • Head Diameter : 140mm
  • Base Diameter : 200mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-S pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 20-180mm
  • Bearing Weight : 600~900KG
  • Base Diameter : 90mm
  • Head Diameter : 90mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-T pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 180-1360mm
  • Bearing Weight : 1200~2500KG
  • Base Diameter : 220mm
  • Head Diameter : 150mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
10mm Fixed height pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 10mm
  • Bearing Weight : 3000KG
  • Base Diameter : 200mm
  • Head Diameter : 200mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
5mm Deck Tile Connector
  • Applicable Height : 5mm
  • Bearing Weight : 3000KG
  • Size: 100mm*100mm
  • Applicable Conditions: Square,indoor
adjustable plastic pedestal
Component of Paving Pedestals
adjustable joist pedestal
Component of decking Pedestals

The Advantages of Adjustable Pedestal

Thanks to the unique characteristics of our products, Taurus paving pedestals can be widely utilized on rooftops, balconies, and in fountain landscapes. This brings great benefits to building owners, construction site contractors, designers, and workers.

  • Offer a wide range of adjustment options.
  • Can be assembled into various solutions.
  • Strong load-bearing capacity ensures safety and stability.
  • Accelerate drainage, effectively preventing pooling and moisture.
  • Strong compatibility, suitable for platforms constructed with various materials.
  • Usable within a temperature range of -30°C to 90°C.
  • Easy installation, with optimized height adjustment after installation.
  • Achieve perfect elimination of slopes and final levelness.
  • Allow installation below ground level, while concealing facilities such as water pipes, electrical wires, and drainage systems.
  • Without damaging the paving surface or materials.
  • Anti-aging, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.
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How to assemble an adjustable pedestal?

  • Prepare all the components of the base: base, support head, fix collar, spacer tab or joist cradle, shim, base slope corrector (if purchased).
  • Slide the fix collar onto the support head along the threads.
  • Rotate the support head along the threads of the base to the desired height, and then rotate the fixing ring in the opposite direction until it is completely fixed.
  • Install the spacer tab or joist cradle at the designated position on the support head.
  • Place the anti-slip shim on the spacer tab (if using a joist cradle, shim is not needed).
  • Align the protrusion on the base slope corrector with the hole on the support base, and rotate it to the appropriate slope.

Uses Classification

  • Terraces
  • Balcony
  • Roof
  • Patio
  • Walkways
  • Garden
  • Park
  • Landscape
  • Plazas
  • Temporary floors or exhibition stands
  • Reflective pools and pool surrounds
  • Indoor decoration

Where to Install

  • On existing ground, no demolition work is required.
  • On various types of waterproofing layers: bituminous membranes, synthetic felts and liquid membranes.
  • On the insulation of an inverted roof.
  • On the cement board surface.
  • On a layer of stabilized gravel.
  • On water features such as fountains, pools and water features.
  • On a wooden floor or deck.
  • On asphalt or concrete roads.
  • On a stable soil surface.
  • On a solid building foundation or foundation.
  • Under Solar panels.

Compatible Finishes

  • Concrete pavers
  • Porcelain pavers
  • Deck tiles
  • Ceramic planks
  • Wood and composite board decks
  • Natural stone pavers
  • Structural porcelain pavers
  • Walkable glass pavers
  • Marble and granite
  • Structural porcelain pavers
  • Raised technical floors
  • Fiberglass grating and grating panels
  • All self-supporting materials capable of withstanding heights

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