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What is Adjustable Plastic Pedestal ?

The Adjustable Plastic Pedestal, also known as universal supporter, decking risers and paving pedestal, is a versatile and customizable support system primarily used for various types of indoor and outdoor flooring structures such as wood, stone, ceramic, composite materials, fiberglass, and metal for outdoor terraces. Its main function is to adjust the height according to the customer's needs, adjust the slight slope of the ground, speed up drainage and avoid dampness, increase the service life of the flooring material, and increase the usable area of the building. The main material of the adjustable bracket is polypropylene (PP), which gives it high strength, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Types of Adjustable Plastic Pedestal

Taurus has always been adhering to the tenet of "technology-led, quality-first, and people-oriented".

Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-U pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 19-70mm
  • Bearing Weight : 1100~1500KG
  • Base Diameter : 200mm
  • Head Diameter : 150mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-R pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 75-1360mm
  • Bearing Weight : 1200~2500KG
  • Base Diameter : 200mm
  • Head Diameter : 150mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-NR pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 90-260mm
  • Bearing Weight : 1500~2000KG
  • Base Diameter : 200mm
  • Head Diameter : 150mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-V pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 52-225mm
  • Bearing Weight : 600~900KG
  • Base Diameter : 200mm
  • Head Diameter : 120mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-A pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 46-820mm
  • Bearing Weight : 800~1500KG
  • Head Diameter : 140mm
  • Base Diameter : 200mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-S pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 20-180mm
  • Bearing Weight : 600~900KG
  • Base Diameter : 90mm
  • Head Diameter : 90mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
TA-T pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 180-1360mm
  • Bearing Weight : 1200~2500KG
  • Base Diameter : 220mm
  • Head Diameter : 150mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
10mm Fixed height pedestal
  • Applicable Height : 10mm
  • Bearing Weight : 3000KG
  • Base Diameter : 200mm
  • Head Diameter : 200mm
Adjustable Plastic Pedestal
5mm Deck Tile Connector
  • Applicable Height : 5mm
  • Bearing Weight : 3000KG
  • Size: 100mm*100mm
  • Applicable Conditions: Square,indoor
adjustable plastic pedestal
Component of Paving Pedestals
adjustable joist pedestal
Component of decking Pedestals

The Advantages of Adjustable Pedestal

Thanks to the unique characteristics of our products, Taurus paving pedestals can be widely utilized on rooftops, balconies, and in fountain landscapes. This brings great benefits to building owners, construction site contractors, designers, and workers.

Adjustability:We offer plenty of height adjustment range, and the height and slope of the pedestal can be adjusted as needed for the project.

Enhancing building aesthetics: The plastic supports can conceal facilities such as water pipes, electrical wiring, and drainage systems, improving the overall appearance of the building.

Convenient maintenance: After the paving supports are installed, maintenance and repairs can be carried out without the need to dismantle or damage existing structures such as tiles, wooden floors, or plumbing and wiring, significantly reducing maintenance time and costs.

Improving drainage : The tile support system can elevate the ground structure, speeding up drainage and effectively preventing water accumulation and dampness.

Compatibility: Our pedestals can be used both indoors and outdoors and can support platforms constructed with various materials such as stone, wooden, or composite flooring, showcasing strong compatibility.

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02. How to assemble an adjustable pedestal?

1. Prepare all the components of the base: base, support head, fix collar, spacer tab or joist cradle, shim, base slope corrector (if purchased).

2. Slide the fix collar onto the support head along the threads.

3. Rotate the support head along the threads of the base to the desired height, and then rotate the fixing ring in the opposite direction until it is completely fixed.

4. Install the spacer tab or joist cradle at the designated position on the support head.

5. Place the anti-slip shim on the spacer tab (if using a joist cradle, shim is not needed).

6. Align the protrusion on the base slope corrector with the hole on the support base, and rotate it to the appropriate slope.

Case Study

Garden landscape, roof garden, various wooden platform overhead, square, indoor decoration, balcony/terrace decoration, booth construction, fountain waterscape.

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