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Professional adjustable plastic pedestal manufacturer / supplier , SGS factory verification

【Project】: Tile Showroom


Product Info:TA-RHeight adjustment: 75-100mm; Quantity: 1000 sets.

This project is located in Guangdong Province, and the client operates in high-end tile export business. It's crucial for them to have European and American clients visit their factory and showroom. To provide a more intuitive display of tile installation effect, they purchased a batch of pedestals from us. The pedestals used in this showroom are from the TA-R series, with an adjustable height range of 75-100mm. The entire visual effect of the showroom is eye-catching when completed. Taurus adjustable pedestals have the following advantages when used in setting up temporary exhibition stands: 1.Flexibility: The adjustable pedestal can be adjusted according to the needs to accommodate different heights and sizes of exhibits. This means that you can use the same base to support exhibits of different sizes or shapes, thereby improving flexibility and versatility. 2.Easy to install and dismantle: Adjustable pedestals are usually easy to install and dismantle, which means that you can quickly set up and dismantle the exhibition stand, and easily move them when needed. 3.Height adjustable: The adjustable pedestal can be adjusted to the desired height, so you can place exhibits at the optimal height, thereby better attracting the attention of visitors.