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【Project】: Zhumadian Xincai County West Lake Park

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Location: The intersection of Renmin West Road and Jinshi Avenue, Xincai County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province, China

Product Info:TA-A1Pedestal Adjustment Height: 220-355mm. TA-A2Pedestal Adjustment Height: 295-470mm. TA-A2Pedestal Adjustment Height: 295-470mm.

The water fountain project at West Lake Park in Xicai County, Zhumadian, Henan, utilizes our company's versatile tile pedestal system, specifically the TA-A series. The entire project covers an area of 2000 square meters, employing the Taurus Constellation pedestal system for tiles with a total of 4900 sets. The supply is divided into three phases:

  • - In the first phase, in August 2018, we supplied 1500 sets of the basic TA-A1 model with an adjustable range of 220-355mm.
  • - In the second phase, in September 2018, we provided 1800 sets of the basic TA-A2 model, extending the adjustable range to 295-470mm.
  • - In the third and final phase, in October 2018, we supplied 1600 sets of the basic TA-A2 model, with an adjustable range of 295-470mm.

The Taurus pedestal tile system play a pivotal role in this water fountain project, offering convenient installation and addressing the challenge of uneven surfaces, especially in stepped elevation areas.

Their adjustable range easily accommodates various heights, ensuring the horizontal and stable foundation of the fountain components. This feature is particularly valuable for resolving stepped elevation issues associated with water feature projects, providing a seamless solution for installations on diverse terrains.

With high load-bearing capacity, they guarantee the stability of the water features, even in a project of this scale. The phased supply approach demonstrates a well-planned project timeline, aligning with the specific needs of each construction phase and ensuring a timely and organized completion.

The Taurus TA-A series tile pedestal systems play a crucial role in the successful implementation of the water feature project at West Lake Park, providing convenient installation, addressing stepped elevation challenges, and ensuring the overall design's stability.