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When you're looking for a reliable tile leveling system supplier for your commercial platform or supermarket project, we're here to help. We offer a variety of tile leveling system for wall and floor options, including tile clips and wedges, spin doctor tile leveling system, reusable tile leveling system, and tile spacers. Made from durable and easy to use PP materials, they're suitable for a range of construction projects and can help DIYers or installers quickly, easily, and accurately complete the job.

They're a common tool used to ensure ground-level, wall, or shelving surfaces are even and level during installation, typically used for laying various types, materials, and thickness of tiles, including ceramic tiles, floors, wall tiles, and even marble. These tile leveling tools speed up installation, maximize tile leveling and alignment, eliminating lip splits, and ensure that tiles don't move and remain consistently spaced during installation.

Each type has its own unique advantages, and understanding their benefits can help you make an informed decision to ensure your tile installation is perfect.

What is the Best Tile Leveling System?

Tile clips and wedges are among the most popular types of tile leveling systems on the market, and they're also what we most often supply. Using tile leveling clips and wedges together can quickly level tiles and ensure even tile spacing, and when paired with our tile leveling pilers, you can achieve the best installation results.

Tile clips come in 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm thicknesses to meet the needs of different markets, and we design and developed affordable model C01, professional model C02, and high model C03. C01 and C02 are suitable for 3-12mm tile thicknesses, and C03 is for 13-22mm. All three tile clips are single-use products that permanently remain in the bottom of the tile once used.

Tile wedges come in two versions - economical model W01 and professional model W02. The difference between them is size, thickness, and structure. Whether it's W01 or W02 wedge, they can be used with our C01, C02, and C03 clips. Once removed, the wedges are reusable until the product is damaged due to impact.

How do you calculate the number of tile leveling system required?

Several factors must be considered when determining the quantity required for an item, including:

First. The area of the ceramic tile project. Generally speaking, the larger the area, the more levelers required.

Second. The size of the tiles. It is recommended to use a leveling system every 200mm to ensure a perfect laying effect. Smaller tiles require more leveling systems.

Third. The shape of the paving. Some corners, odd-shaped tiles or complex tile shapes will determine which leveler system you need. Commonly seen are spacers of T-shaped, Y-shaped and Angle fixter.

taurus calculate the number of tile leveling system

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Tile Leveling System Customization Services

For customers who are interested in promoting their own brands and require personalized customization services, we offer the following customized services: logo label customization, product customization, and packaging customization such as plastic bags, cardboard boxes, supermarket display boxes, plastic containers, and more. We have extensive experience in customization and are delighted to assist. Please feel free to contact us.

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Why Choose Us?

The tile leveling system locks adjacent tile edges together and arranges them on a flat plane to ensure there is no height difference between them. It can be used for DIY tiling projects and is suitable for large format tiles, thin porcelain tiles, rectified floor tiles, and orthodontic wall tiles.

taurus tile leveling system

High-quality raw materials

Made of 100% pure PP materials, the materials have passed PZC, FPC, ROHS, FDA and other certificates to ensure product stability and durability, and provide you with high-quality products.
taurus tile leveling system

Price Competitiveness

At our source factory, you will be able to cut out middlemen and save costs while still enjoying our guaranteed quality. Our flexible payment options can be customized to meet your specific needs.
taurus tile leveling system

Supply capacity

40GP goods can be delivered within 20-30 days, 20GP goods can be delivered within 15-20 days, regular orders below 20GP can be delivered within 3-10 days.
taurus tile leveling system

Customized service

We are a factory with more than 10 years of experience, supporting ODM/OEM/OBM services to meet your individual needs.
taurus tile leveling system

Technical support

If you buy products from us, we will provide pictures, videos, free design services.
taurus tile leveling system

Worry-free after-sales

If it is because of the quality problem of our product itself, we will replace it for free.

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