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Reusable Tile Leveling System

The reusable tile leveling system is a tool designed to assist in the installation of tiles by achieving a flat and uniform surface. By using the reusable tile leveling system, consistency in spacing and leveling between tiles can be maintained, thereby improving the speed and efficiency of the tile installation process.

Its stainless steel needle is notably durable, resistant to breaking and deformation. It can also be removed and replaced to prolong its usability. The standard size of the stainless steel needle is 1.5mm, with additional sizes available in 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, and 2.0mm.

It comes equipped with a professional wrench for easier usage. It is best paired with tile spacers for optimal results.


  • Reusable, offering cost savings
  • Reduces the need to re-lay tiles
  • Ensures all tiles maintain a uniform height
  • -Eliminates height differences and gaps between tiles.
  • No professional skills or experience required, perfect for DIY.


  • It's recommended to remove the system 4-6 hours after use, before the adhesive sets.
  • Before using it again, please check and clean any stains.
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