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What is reusable tile leveling system?

The reusable tile leveling system is made of durable PP material, ensuring it can be used multiple times without easy wear and tear. The accompanying stainless steel needles resist bending, guaranteeing precise tile leveling. Additionally, these needles are detachable, adding flexibility and convenience to the system, offering users a straightforward and efficient experience.

This system is easy to install and use, with a specialized wrench for secure attachment and detachment. This reusable tool is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, enhancing efficiency and producing a flawless, evenly-spaced surface.

Various styles of steel needles are available

The steel needle come in sizes of 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, extended 1.5mm, and 2.0mm.

Our reusable tile leveling system features a steel needle size of 1.5mm, which is the most commonly used size.

It's suitable for tile thicknesses ranging from 3-16mm (1/8'-5/8'). You can opt for steel needle in 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, or 2.0mm.

The extended 1.5mm steel needle is ideal for tile thicknesses between 15-26mm.


Reusable Tile Leveling System Assembly and Usage


It's assembled from several components, including a T-shaped column, securing elements, steel needle, nuts, and a special wrench. By inserting the steel needle into the T-shaped column and securing it with the fixing component, then fitting the nut, the assembly is complete.


1. Apply adhesive or mortar to floor. Place first tile and adjust with leveler as needed.

2. To place the second tile insert the screw between the two tiles. Turn the nut with a wrench until the tile reaches the desired height.

3. Use tile leveling system to make minor adjustments to tile position and spacing as needed.

4. Remove the tile leveling system before the adhesive or mortar has fully cured (usually around 4-6 hours).Clean them for future use.

Things to pay attention to when installing:

This system is designed to ensure that the tiles are level and will not move as the mortar hardens, reducing installer fatigue and stress.

Use the right amount of force during installation to avoid lifting or damaging tiles.

Add a third spacer for support when working with large or heavy tiles.

Choose appropriate size and model of screws for a stable and visually appealing result.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Tile Levelers Reusable?

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