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【Project】: Nanchang Huarun Plaza

paving pedestalstile support systems

Location: No. 559, Huizhan Road, Honggutan District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China

Product Info:Paving pedestal TA-A 450-530mm.

Nanchang Huarun Plaza is located on the bank of the Gan River in the Honggutan New District, adjacent to the Nanchang Star Ferris Wheel. The project combines culture, art, nature, and commerce, fulfilling people's pursuit of multiple experiences such as shopping, vacationing, and park visiting. It is the first landmark integrated complex in Nanchang that combines top-level commerce, high-end residences, and business offices.

The project uses 1,000 sets of TA-A series 350-520mm tile support systems to create a mirrored water fountain. During the finishing, the stone is treated with six-sided waterproofing measures. The water feature facade uses dry hanging technology, and the pool bottom uses Taurus universal supports for precise height adjustment. The connection between the stones is tight and uniform, ensuring even water overflow and creating a beautiful water scenery.

During the construction of the project, comprehensive considerations were made in material selection, anti-corrosion and sun protection treatment, safety, structural design, construction technology, and waterproofing. Our pedestals were chosen to ensure quality. They have many characteristics, such as aging resistance, resistance to high and low temperatures, and long service life, which are favored by more construction projects. They are also safe and stable, able to withstand a safe load of 1-2 tons, with a maximum load of 3 tons, and they are flexible to meet different scene requirements. The use of stone supports enhances the drainage performance of the stone surface, with no significant water accumulation. Various pipelines can be laid beneath the stone, creating an outstanding overall landscape effect.

The unique water feature has smooth lines, suitable for both dynamic and static views. The irregular water feature with olive green granite cladding has smooth lines, incorporating surging springs, fountains, and dancing springs, creating a distinctive water scenery that is harmonious and pleasing to the eye.