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Adjustable plastic pedestal specific application

May 30,2023

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According to adjustable plastic pedestal specific application.It can be roughly divided into: Stone support;Waterscape stone support device;Wood support;Booth holder.

1.Stone support device -- used for laying marble and garden stone. After using the stone support device, the marble and garden stone are in the overhead state, which can be conveniently and quickly embedded pipeline and later maintenance.After using the stone support device, the stone surface drainage performance is superior, the stone surface has no obvious water accumulation, and the overall landscape effect is outstanding.


2.Waterscape stone support -- used for the laying of landscape waterscape stone according to the landscape designer's design concept and requirements, combined with the size and shape of the stone support.The properties of high density polypropylene material determine that the support has excellent water resistance, aging resistance and service life.In the landscape fountain, shallow pools, dry spray, water curtain wall can be widely used.Waterscape support is conducive to the laying of water pipes, lights and other pipelines in waterscape, as well as the installation and maintenance of building pipelines.


3.Wood support -- used for the laying of wood flooring, landscape anticorrosive wood, suitable for the laying of wood flooring of various shapes and sizes and landscape anticorrosive wood.Because the construction of wood support is convenient and quick, the installation cost is low, the maintenance is convenient, at the same time the floor and the anti-corrosion wood below easy to lay all kinds of construction pipeline, pipeline maintenance is convenient and thus get many landscape designers recommended use


4.Booth holder - the booth holder is suitable for all kinds of exhibition booths.Because of the convenient construction and low installation cost, the temporary booth and permanent booth can be built at the same time.It is fast and easy to disassemble the booth by using the booth holder, so it is widely used in the construction of indoor and outdoor booth.Because the temporary pipeline under the booth is easy to construct when using the booth supporter, laying the pipeline is convenient and quick, which can solve many practical problems on site.