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How installation adjustable pave pedestal

May 30,2023

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1. Installation on Adjustable Height Pedestals On sloping or uneven substrates, or where a perfectly horizontal surface is required on a rooftop deck, porcelain pavers can be installed on fixed or adjustable height pedestals with pedestals situated at each corner of the paver. Whilst 3/4" thick porcelain pavers are suitable for most high pedestrian traffic and load bearing applications. With 24" x 24" pavers

2. Taurus recommends the use of 5 support pedestals per paver (which includes a support in the center of the paver) in order to distribute loads uniformly.The Taurus Porcelain Pavers range of pavers however, which exhibit a higher static load capacity than other porcelain pavers, 3,5 pedestals may be satisfactory in the majority of situations. A combination of fixed height supports (1/2" min.) and adjustable height pedestals may be used depending on the minimum height requirements and slope of the substrate. Fixed height supports can be stacked to reach the minimum height of adjustable height pedestals (approx. 1.5") and 1/16" or 1/8" shims can be used to provide fine adjustment with the fixed height supports.

3. At the perimeter of the area being paved, the base of adjustable height pedestals can be cut to ensure the head of the pedestals fits as close as possible to the perimeter wall. Spacer tabs can be removed as required as illustrated in the diagram.