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Successful contracting project :Lakeside hotel roof garden

May 30,2023

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alt="JNZ">Most roofs are built-to-falls for drainage purposes. Where the level between the door threshold and the drainage outlet is significant, where the roof falls in more than one direction, where large drops or channels are present, or where there are multiple and complicated changes in the fall and levels across the roof – then the TA-R range of Adjustable Support Pedestals are the perfect tools.

Taurus TA-R series adjustable support pads are designed with a screw jack which is wound up and down to achieve a completely flat upper paving surface. Changes to height can be made whilst the slab is in place. This saves a great deal of time and labour.

The rainwater runs between and under the slabs, so there is no standing water left on the surface. This improves health & safety as it makes the paved area less slippery.

More roof and balcony designs incorporate a completely flat upper surface in order to utilise them more effectively as leisure areas. More attractive paving with spirit-level-flat finishes can be achieved using a much larger variety of different stone and slab shapes using our pedestal supports.

Hardwearing, attractive areas can be created on what may have been left as exposed waterproofing membranes. Not only does this help protect potentially vulnerable areas and improve aesthetics, but it increases the yield of the building footprint significantly. These robust support pads can withstand concentrated loads of 3000kg each, and the 200mm diameter base plate allows the weight to be evenly spread to avoid point loading onto the deck beneath.

As this is a suspended system there are no mechanical fixings involved. The slabs can simply be lifted up should the roof deck need to be inspected in the future for damage or leaks. Taurus support pedestals are available from 20mm to 1360mm high