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The adjustable pave pedestal compared with traditional craft

May 30,2023

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1. The cost is reduced and the duration is shortened.

Traditional process, large dosage, high cost. and cement solidification takes time and requires special maintenance. If you encounter rainy days, delay the duration. Universal support device costs low, adjust the height, you can install. Affected by the weather is small, rainy days can also be installed.

2, adjustment the high convenience

The universal support is composed of adjustable base and rotatable joint, and the middle is a high elevation piece, which can increase the height and rotate the thread to adjust the desired altitude. Can be installed in any location, just ground smooth. and traditional cement pouring, highly difficult to control, too low, will be very troublesome.

3. Beautiful scene

Traditional crafts, laying a high degree of fluctuation, stone and stone between the gap between, to spend manual inspection. Universal support with separate pieces of the gap to ensure the overall aesthetic unity. When paving, the use of horizontal instrument, adjust the height of the piece, or cushion gasket, reduce the error, to ensure smooth.

4. Drainage and water storage

The support will be stone, there is a large space below the water storage, and the separation of the gap, stone surface drainage is superior, no obvious accumulation.

5. The phenomenon of white

The aerial stone, avoids the stone and the cement ground direct contact, thus advantageous avoids the pan alkali phenomenon

6. Maintenance and Maintenance

The use of traditional technology, pipeline maintenance is more troublesome, very cost-artificial, while spending time and building materials. If the use of universal support, just open slate can be fast and convenient, saving costs.

7. Environmental protection

The main material of the support is modified Polypropylene, high bearing capacity, long life, can be used in a variety of environment, and can be recycled.

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