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【Project】: Baoji Grand Theater

Location: Baoji, Shaanxi Province.

Product Info:TA-AHeight adjustment: 220-355mm; Quantity: 89,000 sets.

Baoji City is one of the major cities in China, the magnificent Baoji Grand Theater is one of the core landmark-style buildings in Baoji. Its design highlights the elements of Baoji's spirit of "rising to the challenge and embracing innovation." The phoenix is one of the main sources of inspiration for the building's design. When viewed from above, the roofline of the theater resembles three phoenix wings floating in the city on the breeze from the nearby river. The theater consists of two performance halls, with the main hall accommodating 1,268 people and the small hall accommodating 500 people. The building was designed and decorated according to international architectural acoustics principles, making it suitable for various types of cultural performances such as large-scale domestic and international song and dance shows, ballets, symphonies, and traditional dramas. The project uses the Taurus TA-A paving pedestal, which can be adjusted to a height of 220-355mm. As a local core landmark building, they have extremely strict requirements for product quality and display effects. During the tense and lengthy negotiation process, although we provided relevant product certificates, to be on the safe side, the project leader also sent samples to a professional laboratory for testing. After the samples passed, we dispatched engineers to the site twice to provide solutions and technical guidance. Fortunately, our expertise was recognized by the customer, and we finally signed the contract.