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【Project】: Beijing Shijingshan Sculpture Park

Location: Beijing,China

Product Info:TA-R Taurus pedestal paving systemHeight adjustment: 190-310mm;Quantity: 5620 sets.

The park is the first in Beijing to have a sculpture theme and showcases sculptures created by the Central Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Department. Some of the sculptures are exquisitely crafted while others are playful and whimsical. Despite its location in a bustling urban area, the park is tranquil and serene with plenty of pavilions, corridors, and bridges over flowing water. With an area of over 50 acres, the park has more than 50 sculptures scattered throughout. The other buildings in the park are intentionally left unadorned to highlight the unique beauty of the natural environment and artistic sculptures. The TA-R system is used to construct an elevated leisure plaza in the park, which is frequented by visitors for relaxation and entertainment. Due to the high foot traffic, the R-series is chosen for its stronger load-bearing capacity. The support units are not reinforced at the bottom, relying solely on the weight of the marble. As a result, the entire stone surface blends seamlessly with the surrounding sculptures, creating a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic.