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【Project】: Shandong Linyi Olympic Sports Center

pedestal paving system

Location: Linyi City, Shandong Province

Product Info:TA-TPedestal Adjustment Height: 230-370mm.

A city may have multiple centers, but there is only one Olympic Sports Park. Olympic Sports Park is the flagship of Linyi City, Shandong Province. It is a comprehensive large-scale Olympic park that combines sports, fitness, cultural entertainment, and emergency shelter functions. Linyi Olympic Sports Park covers a total area of 1,218 acres with a total construction area of approximately 490,000 square meters. The total investment is about 8.4 billion yuan, making it the largest livelihood project in Linyi City in recent years. As the main venue for the 26th Shandong Provincial Games in 2026, Linyi Olympic Sports Park will become the largest Olympic Sports Park in Shandong Province. The project includes a large-scale Class A stadium, a large-scale Class A sports hall, a medium-sized Class A swimming pool, a national fitness center, Xizhi Cultural Center, and supporting facilities such as Linyi Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, art gallery, art museum, library, and cultural bookstore, as well as comprehensive exhibition halls. Linyi Olympic Sports Center can host national comprehensive sports events and international single events.

After strict selection and screening, we, Taurus, are honored to be one of the suppliers for this large-scale project. A total of 80,000 sets of TA-T series pedestal paving systems were used in the project, which were widely applied in roof insulation and elevated areas of pedestrian squares outside the sports hall. Taurus pedestals are made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, in line with the national concepts of energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection. They are ideal for application in elevated square areas with stone paving. Furthermore, the pedestals combine simplicity, high quality, and cost-effectiveness. They offer precise height adjustment, and the concealed piping system can be seamlessly integrated beneath the stone tiles. This not only enhances the appearance of the main building, but also facilitates efficient maintenance and repairs in the future. It is precisely because of these advantages that the JNZ pedestal paving system is widely used in the Olympic Sports Center.