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How Many Leveling Clips Do I Need?

Aug 23,2023

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When tiling, it is crucial to ensure that each tile is level with the others. Using tile leveling clips (also known as tile spacers or tile levelers) is an effective way to achieve this goal. However, for beginners, determining how many clips are needed can be a challenge. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to calculate the required number of clips.

First, you need to measure the dimensions of the area where tiles will be laid, including length and width. Using these measurements, you can calculate the number of tiles needed to cover the area. It is recommended to purchase 5% more tiles than necessary to account for size discrepancies or breakage.

As a general rule, two clips are needed for each tile. Therefore, if you are tiling 100 tiles, you will need 200 clips. However, in some cases (such as using large tiles), more clips may be required. It is best to use an online calculator to determine the required quantity before making a purchase. Online calculators are available on websites such as Clipit and Tileclips.


In addition to tile quantity and clip type, another factor that affects the number of clips required is the shape and size of the tiles. Typically, larger tiles require more clips to ensure they are in the correct position. For larger tiles, three or four clips may be necessary, and placing the clips further apart can improve effectiveness.

In summary, the required number of tile leveling clips depends on various factors, including tile quantity, tile size, clip type, and tile shape. Using an online calculator can help you determine the required quantity to ensure you have enough clips to complete the project and achieve the best results.

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