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How Do You Lay Tile With Leveling Clips?

Aug 17,2023

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When laying tiles, it is common to encounter small variations in the surface that can result in uneven tile edges or surface. To solve this problem, many people use tile leveling systems that include clips and bases. One of the most popular types of tile leveling system is the use of leveling clips. These clips fit easily under tile edges. Then, place the wedges in the middle of the clips and adjust with the tool until each tile is level.

To use a tile leveling system properly, first determine how many tiles are needed and how many clips and bases will be required. Begin by laying the first tile securely onto the surface and inserting the leveling clip underneath the tile edge as necessary. Place the wedges onto the clip and adjust its height with a tool until the tile is level. Continue laying tiles and using clips and bases until all tiles are installed.


Tile leveling systems offer several advantages such as increased installation efficiency, improved quality and appearance, and assurance of tile flatness. After tiles are firmly set, clips and bases can be removed using pliers and a rubber mallet.

In conclusion, using tile leveling systems is a practical and essential method for ensuring even and attractive tile installations. By using leveling clips and bases, the tile installation process can be completed efficiently while ensuring excellent results.