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Perfectly Finished with No Traces - How to Properly Use a Tile Leveling System

Aug 16,2023

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If you've ever had to lay tiles before, you know that it's inevitable for tiles to have differences in height or be misplaced during the process. These issues not only affect the final finish but also lead to damages and long-term maintenance problems. To solve these problems, tile leveling systems were developed.

A tile leveling system is an accessory that helps adjust differences in height between tiles, ensuring balance and achieving the best decorative effect. In this article, we'll discuss how to properly use a tile leveling system and provide some practical tips and tricks.

Preparation Stage:

Before using a tile leveling system, make sure to do the following preparation work:

Ensure that the base layer is level, without floating or loose material;

Clean the surface of the base layer, making it dry, clean, and even;

Choose the appropriate leveling system model and specifications according to your actual needs.

Installation Stage:

When laying the first tile, place the leveling system clips on both sides of the tile and press down gently with your hands;

Next, place the second tile next to the first tile and press down lightly with your hand;

Insert the clips into the gap between two adjacent tiles and fix them with wedges until the depth of the two tiles is equal;

Repeat the above steps until all tiles are installed.

Removal Stage:

The screed system can be removed once the cement foundation has dried. Use special pliers or kick to break clips. Finally, put away the wedges and sweep the floor.

In summary, when using a tile leveling system, pay attention to the following:

Make sure to choose the appropriate model and specifications;

Adjust the position of the clips carefully to ensure it does not affect the laying effects;

When adjusting the tile leveling system, apply equal force to avoid damaging the tiles.

In conclusion, using a tile leveling system correctly can help you easily solve problems such as differences in height or misplaced tiles during the laying process, and also help you achieve a perfect finish. Therefore, it's crucial to understand and master the use of a tile leveling system before laying tiles, ensuring optimal construction and decorative effects.