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How to Avoid Lippage During Tile Installation?

Aug 16,2023

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The beauty and quality of tiles depend on their installation method. However, during the installation process, a phenomenon called lippage often occurs, which refers to the height difference between adjacent tile edges. While it may create an eye-catching effect, it can also result in visual inconsistencies and unsanitary corners.


Here are 7 simple steps that can help you avoid lippage during tile installation:

Step 1: Choose the Right Tiles

Different types of tiles have varying sizes and flatness levels. Choosing tiles that meet the required standards is crucial to preventing lippage during installation.

Step 2: Prepare the Installation Surface

The surface on which the tiles will be installed must be level, dry, solid, and free from any loose debris or oil stains.

Step 3: Select Appropriate Tile Adhesive

Choose a tile adhesive that suits the selected tiles, surface type, and environmental conditions. The right adhesive ensures good bonding strength between the tiles and the surface, reducing the occurrence of lippage.

Step 4: Use Proper Tools and Equipment

Using appropriate tools and equipment during tile installation is essential. For instance, use tile spacers with high flatness, a spirit level, and other necessary tools to ensure the tiles are level.

Step 5: Employ Appropriate Construction Techniques

Adopting the correct construction techniques can prevent lippage in tile installation. For example, apply adhesive evenly, avoid using too much or too little, and take care to spread it uniformly.

Step 6: Check Tile Flatness

Frequent checks for tile flatness during laying are necessary. If lippage is detected, make the required adjustments immediately.

Step 7: Use a Tile Leveling System

Finally, using a tile leveling system is also an effective way to prevent lippage. This system includes special clips that hold adjacent tiles in place, keeping them level.

In summary, the key to avoiding lippage during tile installation is to choose the right tiles, prepare the installation surface, select appropriate adhesive, use proper tools and equipment, employ appropriate construction techniques, check tile flatness, and use a tile leveling system. Following these steps will ensure a smooth tile installation process and achieve high-quality tile surface results.