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Uneven floor? No problem! Learn how to level your surface for the perfect tile effect.

Aug 17,2023

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Leveling the floor is one of the crucial steps in installing tiles. An uneven surface can result in cracks or displacement, causing long-term damage to the tiles' aesthetics and stability. Here are some steps and tips to help you level your floor before installing tiles.

Check the floor: Before you start installing tiles, make sure to check if the floor is level. You can use a level tool to detect any differences in height. If the floor is uneven, you need to use floor mortar or self-leveling compound to repair it.

Prepare the floor: Before using floor mortar or self-leveling compound, make sure the surface is clean, smooth, and free from any debris. Otherwise, these materials might not adhere properly to the surface.

Use floor mortar: Floor mortar is a cement-based material that can be used to fill any shallow defects (less than 1/4 inch). Apply floor mortar onto the floor and spread it evenly with a large trowel. Wait for the floor mortar to dry, then use sandpaper to smoothen the surface.

Use self-leveling compound: Self-leveling compound is a specialized concrete material that can be used to fill deeper defects (greater than 1/4 inch). Pour the self-leveling compound onto the floor and use a trowel or roller to spread it evenly. Wait for the self-leveling compound to dry, then use sandpaper to smoothen the surface.

Use tile leveling systems: Tile leveling systems are tools that can be used to level the surface of tiles. It consists of two components: clips and wedges. Place the clips on the floor, insert the wedge into the clip, and then the tile at the bottom of the wedge. Tap the tile lightly with a rubber mallet so it is flush with adjacent tiles.


Note: When leveling the floor, make sure to use appropriate safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, and a respiratory mask. Also, before using floor mortar, self-leveling compound, or tile leveling systems, carefully read and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Leveling the surface before installing tiles may require time and effort, but it will ensure that your tiles are level, aesthetically pleasing, and stable. If you are unsure how to level the surface, consider hiring a professional to help you handle it.