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Taurus Channel Drains
Taurus Plastic Drain Grate
Taurus Plastic Drain Grate
Taurus Plastic Drain Grate
Taurus Plastic Drain Grate
Taurus Plastic Drain Grate
Taurus Plastic Drain Grate

Plastic Drain Grate

Plastic drain grate is a plastic product used in drainage systems. It is usually installed on the ground or underground in drains or drainage pipes to prevent debris from entering the drainage system and to promote smooth water flow. This drainage plastic cover is made of durable plastic material that is anti-corrosion, rust-proof and long-lasting. The Plastic Drain Grate is an ideal choice whether it is an outdoor rainwater drainage system or an indoor floor drainage system.

  • It has excellent corrosion resistance and will not be attacked by water, chemicals or other environmental factors, ensuring its long-term reliable performance.
  • The perforated design on the plastic cover for drain ensures smooth water flow and effectively prevents clogging. They filter out debris and solid particles, allowing water to flow freely, preventing pool buildup and rising water levels.
  • The plastic material can be recycled and the use of plastic drainage nets can reduce the consumption of natural resources. In addition, the production process of plastic drainage nets produces relatively low carbon emissions, helping to reduce environmental impact.
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