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Taurus Channel Drains
Taurus Plastic Sewer Cover
Taurus Plastic Sewer Cover
Taurus Plastic Sewer Cover
Taurus Plastic Sewer Cover
Taurus Plastic Sewer Cover
Taurus Plastic Sewer Cover

Plastic Sewer Cover

Plastic sewer cover is a lightweight, durable, non-slip and safe plastic sewer cover with excellent corrosion resistance and easy maintenance. Our grates are designed with a scientific interval, which allows for quick falling water, a strong bearing capacity, and the discharging of excess surface water. These characteristics, along with our anti-slip design, make our sewer covers ideal for various applications, such as kitchens, gardens, swimming pools, garages, walkways, and more.

  • It's low-maintenance and won't corrode or rust when in contact with water or chemicals. This allows it to maintain stable performance in various environmental conditions.
  • It complies with safety standards and can effectively cover the sewer mouth, prevent people or objects from entering by mistake, and ensure the safe passage of pedestrians and vehicles.
  • It usually has a non-slip texture and structural design, which provides additional safety features and prevents pedestrians or vehicles from slipping in slippery conditions.
  • It is made of lightweight materials, which is lighter in weight and easier to install and carry. At the same time, it has excellent durability and can be used for a long time without being easily damaged.
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