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Taurus Channel Drains
Taurus Slot Drain System
Taurus Slot Drain System
Taurus Slot Drain System
Taurus Slot Drain System
Taurus Slot Drain System
Taurus Slot Drain System

Slot Drain System

Slot drain system is a floor drainage system consisting of a long, narrow slot, usually in a row along the edge of a wall or on the floor. The trough centrally discharges water from inside or outside the building through a series of pipes. Trough drainage systems are more aesthetically pleasing, easier to clean and maintain, and provide better water flow control than traditional drainage systems.

  • Stainless steel is a very corrosion-resistant metal, so it can withstand harsh environments for a long time.
  • Drainage equipment of various specifications and sizes can be designed and manufactured according to needs, so as to adapt to various places and needs.
  • The structure is relatively simple, easy to install and maintain, reducing maintenance costs and time.
  • The design is beautiful and generous, which can be coordinated with the building and the environment, improving the aesthetics of the entire site.
  • It can still maintain a stable structure under high temperature and high pressure, and it will not be deformed or damaged in long-term use.
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