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Do Professional Tilers Use Spacers?

Aug 26,2023

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Tile spacers are small pieces of plastic or rubber that come in different sizes and shapes. They are used by tilers to create a uniform gap between tiles during installation. These spacers help to ensure that the tiles are evenly spaced, levelled and aligned. Professional tilers extensively use tile spacers as they greatly assist with ensuring a high-quality finish on any tile project.

There are different types of tile spacers, including cross-shaped, T-shaped, Y-shaped and wedge-shaped spacers. Each type is designed to cater to specific needs during tiling. For example, cross-shaped spacers are used for creating perfect 90-degree angles between tiles, while wedge-shaped spacers are ideal for keeping tiles equally spaced on walls and floors.

Using tile spacers not only makes the installation process easier, but it also ensures better results. The gaps created by the spacers allow for grout to be applied evenly, which strengthens the bond between the tiles and improves water resistance. Without spacers, tiles can easily move during installation, resulting in an uneven finish and potential damage to the tiles.

While some may argue that using spacers is time-consuming and unnecessary, most professionals agree that they are essential for achieving professional-looking results. In fact, many tile manufacturers recommend using spacers to prevent potential problems such as lippage, which occurs when tiles are not levelled correctly, leading to an uneven surface.

In conclusion, professional tilers do use spacers to ensure the best possible results in their work. Tile spacers are an inexpensive and essential tool for achieving a neat and well-aligned tile installation. So, if you're planning to undertake a tiling project, make sure to invest in some good quality spacers and take your time using them to get the best result.