TA - R Series : Adjustble Paving Pedestal / Adjustable Joist Pedestal

Applicable Project : Water Fountains Roof Garden Square And So On

Taurus Adjustable Plastic Pedestal focus on rearch & development and marketing adjustable plastic pedestal、 pedestal for tile、 floor pedestal、 pedestal for decking and other multipurpose pedestal overhead system. We are committed to providing professional multipurpose pedestal overhead products, solution consulations and technical support services for garden landscape、mirror waterscape、 roof garden,、square, fountain,、interior decoration、 balcony decoration、 prefabricated house and other projects.

Material: Modified polypropylene material

Wall Thickness: 5mm

Head Diameter: 150mm

Extender Diameter: 130mm

Base Diameter: 200mm

According to the height of the adjustment, the safe load-bearing range is 2-3 tons.

Product Features: Anti-aging, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

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Product Specification

adjustable plastic pedestal adjustable plastic pedestal
Type Quantity of Extender Height of Head Height of Base Height Range
TA-R0 0 60mm 60mm 70-100mm
80mm 60mm 85-120mm
130mm 60mm 140-170mm
130mm 150mm 160-260mm
180mm 150mm 190-310mm
TA-R1 1 80mm 60mm 250-330mm
130mm 60mm 260-380mm
60mm 150mm 295-400mm
80mm 150mm 295-420mm
130mm 150mm 300-460mm
180mm 150mm 350-510mm
TA-R2 2 80mm 60mm 380-530mm
130mm 60mm 385-580mm
60mm 150mm 415-610mm
80mm 150mm 415-630mm
130mm 150mm 420-680mm
180mm 150mm 470-720mm
TA-R3 3 60mm 150mm 540-820mm
80mm 150mm 540-840mm
130mm 150mm 545-890mm
180mm 150mm 600-940mm
TA-R4 4 60mm 150mm 665-1030mm
80mm 150mm 665-1050mm
130mm 150mm 670-1100mm
180mm 150mm 720-1150mm
TA-R5 5 60mm 150mm 790-1240mm
80mm 150mm 790-1260mm
130mm 150mm 795-1310mm
180mm 150mm 845-1360mm

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