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How Do Adjustable Deck Supports Work?

Aug 08,2023

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Adjustable deck supports are tools used for installing platforms and decks outdoors. They are often used in situations where the foundation is uneven or sloping to achieve a level and stable surface. These supports consist of multiple parts, including support bases, fixing collar, and top support boards.


First of all, the support base is the main part of the adjustable deck support. It's designed to resemble a tapered cup, with a wider support area at the bottom to better anchor it to the ground. There is a vertical, threaded hollow cylinder from the top to the end of the support base, which can better accept the top support plate, and the end is a horizontal platform.


The fixing collar is the fastener that connects the support and the support plate, allowing the adjustable deck support to maintain stability under long-term pressure. It also helps keep the support board level when adjusting the height of the support board.


The top support board carries and secures your platform or deck, and the support material is usually made of wood, stone or metal. There is a thread at the bottom of the support plate, which can be rotated to adjust the height of the support plate.


The first step in using adjustable deck supports is to determine the location of the support base. This usually requires setting the spacing between supports according to the size and shape of the platform or deck. Then, place the support base at the predetermined position.

Next, install the support board on the support base and fix it with a fixing collar. If you need to adjust the height, you can use the rotating gear on the top support board to adjust freely.

The advantages of adjustable deck supports are their flexibility and applicability. They can be used for various types and sizes of platforms or decks and can be used on almost any terrain. In addition, each support can be adjusted individually in height, so they can adapt to uneven or sloping ground and help you build a level and stable surface.

In summary, adjustable deck supports are practical tools that can help you build stable platforms or decks outdoors. In the installation process, first determine the position and spacing of the supports, then install the support board on the support and adjust it freely using the rotation gear on the support. The flexibility and applicability of adjustable deck supports make them a popular solution that can help you build high-quality platforms or decks in different applications.

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