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Decking Installation: The Must-Know Guide to Installing Decking Pedestals Properly

Aug 08,2023

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Installing decking pedestals is a crucial step in the process of building a deck. Correctly installing these pedestals ensures the stability and longevity of your deck's structure. In this article, we'll show you how to properly install decking pedestals, giving you a comprehensive guide you can rely on.

To get started, make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials ready to go. This includes adjustable decking pedestals, support posts, measuring tools, and a level. Before installation, consult the deck design blueprint to determine the pedestal locations and quantities required, and mark them accordingly.

Next, prepare your adjustable decking pedestals. These pedestals come in different materials like plastic or metal and have adjustable heights to fit any ground levels. Place the pedestals at the pre-marked positions according to the deck design drawing, and use support posts to adjust the height to ensure that they are level with one another.

Once the pedestals are installed, it's time to put in the deck frame. The deck frame comprises deck beams and wood with an approximate cross-section of 2x4 inches. Before laying down the deck beams, confirm their position corresponds to the pedestal's location and that they are level. Then, lay the wood atop the deck beams, adjust its positioning, and secure it with screws.

With the deck frame secured in place, it's time to lay out the deck boards. Per the design drawing, place the deck boards onto the frame, and fasten them securely with screws. Additionally, leave some gaps between the deck boards to provide air circulation, facilitate drainage, and prevent deck rotting issues.

Finally, perform a final check and ensure everything is in order. Use a level to check whether the deck is level; if not, adjust the pedestal height or reinstall the deck boards as needed.

In conclusion, installing decking pedestals is a critical step in deck installation. Properly installed pedestals can ensure that your deck structure is stable, durable, and safe for outdoor leisure activities. If you're planning to build a deck, make sure you reference this guide and the resources provided by the above links to ensure your deck installation is a success.

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