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How Do You Calculate Pedestals For Pavers?

Aug 07,2023

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When constructing surfaces for stone tile installations on rooftops, balconies, or terraces, pedestal supports are an essential tool. However, calculating the required number of pedestal supports can be a challenging task, especially when the surface is sloping towards one or more directions.

In general, you need to consider the following factors to determine the number of pedestal supports your project requires:

  • The total amount of tiles or other materials to be installed
  • The size of the tiles or other materials
  • The weight of the materials - larger or heavier materials may require additional supports at the center position
  • The shape of the coverage area - the less regular the shape, the more pedestal supports may be needed
  • The expected load-bearing capacity and pedestrian traffic volume
  • The expected deck height

If the surface being tiled has a simple rectangular or square shape, you can quickly estimate the minimum number of pedestal supports required by calculating the number of tiles in length and width, adding 1 to each number, and multiplying them together. However, for more complex shapes, more accurate calculations are necessary.


While you can estimate the number of pedestal supports required by sketching out a plan of the deck surface and indicating where the tiles will go, a simpler method is to use an online pedestal support estimator. This estimator not only provides you with printouts of the required number of pedestal supports and tiling materials but also allows you to consider different tiling configurations and angles. However, to obtain an estimate, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Measurements of the perimeter's various sides
  • The final deck height at all transition points around the perimeter
  • Areas that do not require tiling
  • The locations and heights of all drainage points
  • Tile or other material dimensions - length, width, and thickness

In many cases, if you do not have measurements for the perimeter and drainage point heights, you can calculate the height using reference point slopes on the perimeter. If you have any issues using the software or prefer not to use it yourself, you can send us a sketch of the above detailed information, and we will estimate it for you.

In summary, calculating the number of pedestal supports requires consideration of various factors. By appropriately calculating the required number of pedestal supports, you can ensure that your ground cover is level, stable, and has adequate support to bear weight.

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