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Charitable Donation

Sep 11,2021

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In September 2021, with the outbreak of the first COVID-19 cases in Ji'an, the normal functioning of the city was threatened. Government officials reported a severe shortage of protective supplies. In order to quickly restore everyone's lives and work, and ensure the health of frontline medical staff, our CEO spontaneously raised funds to purchase relief supplies and contribute to the war against the epidemic. At this special moment, initiating the donation was not the most challenging part; the difficulty lied in finding channels for procurement and overcoming transportation restrictions. With the active response of our employees, everyone worked in their respective roles, putting in extra hours and effort, and ultimately delivered these batch of disease prevention supplies to the frontline workers.

The list of epidemic prevention supplies raised by Jiangxi Taurus Technology Co., Ltd. is as follows:

  • ·15,000 medical N95 masks
  • ·1,000 medical isolation masks
  • ·1,000 sets of medical protective suits
  • ·400 bottles of quick-drying hand sanitizer
  • ·1,000 pairs of disposable elastic shoe covers
  • ·3,216 bottles of Bai Nian Shan mineral water
  • ·The total market value is 100,000 yuan!
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