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Employee Performance Review

Jun 17,2022

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Discovering talents, respecting talents, and nurturing talents - every step and growth of our employees is encouraged and documented. On June 17, TaurusTech Co., Ltd. held a presentation meeting for outstanding employees' promotion, ensuring that employees are rewarded accordingly as they grow in their abilities.

During the presentation, outstanding employees focused on their personal career development, summarizing, reflecting, and providing suggestions regarding their work. They reviewed their past accomplishments through work results, data analysis, and lessons learned. They comprehensively and objectively assessed their job performance, analyzed personal shortcomings and issues encountered, demonstrated how they continuously learn from experience, and outlined detailed work goals and action plans. They provided in-depth insight into their understanding of the promotion positions.

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After the presentations, Mr. Xiao, the General Manager of TaurusTech, offered detailed feedback to each presenter, highlighting key areas of focus and encouraging continuous improvement and refinement in future work. He urged newly promoted personnel to break free from conventional thinking, embrace innovation, and take responsibility. Departmental leaders asked targeted questions from a professional skills perspective and guided them on the appropriate ways to address the challenges. It is believed that through this exchange and learning, all team members will face new challenges and opportunities with increased confidence. After the presentations, it is expected that everyone will approach their work with a greater sense of enthusiasm, spirited determination, and a pragmatic approach, giving their all and advancing courageously to achieve even greater success!

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