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Office Renovation Upgrade

Dec 23,2022

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The updated corporate culture wall of TaurusTech Technology Co., Ltd. in Jiangxi is now online. Welcome everyone to visit and explore it! With the continuous growth and expansion of the company, as well as the evolving needs of our business, the culture wall presents a brand new appearance, showcasing our new style! This update also sets a positive tone for the coming year, promoting further development and growth, and advancing together with you.


The first thing that catches your eye is our commitment to becoming a global leader in the support industry, continuously providing professional support products and solutions to our customers. "Professional, reliable, trustworthy, and beautiful" are our core values. Next, we proudly display over 30 different types of patent certificates and honorary titles, such as "Jiangxi Province Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprise", "High-tech Enterprise", "Specialized and Special Enterprise", "Ji'an Red Cross Caring Enterprise", "Alibaba SK Core Merchant" and "China Supplier Core Merchant".

office-renovation-upgrade-02 office-renovation-upgrade-03

Each wall is filled with cultural stories and accumulated honors from the development journey of TaurusTech. As a capable, responsible, and storied company, TaurusTech strives to provide customers with better, faster, and higher-quality services.

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