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New Employee Training

Feb 10,2023

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On February 6, 2023, we organized a kickoff meeting for the induction training of new employees. This is the first centralized training for new employees since our establishment. We place great importance on talent acquisition, and the induction training aims to help new employees quickly grasp our culture, rules and regulations, familiarize themselves with our products, accurately understand their roles, and develop their job skills. The main courses of the training include the CEO's presentation on the company's history, corporate culture, and organizational structure; training on products by experienced senior employees; job skills training; and explanations of rules and regulations by the administrative personnel department, as well as factory visits.


The job skills training primarily focuses on product knowledge, platforms, and customer service. It covers training on products such as paving & decking pedestals, tile leveling systems, drain channel systems, as well as addressing customers' most pressing concerns and other related topics. The training is primarily conducted through presentations and physical demonstrations of the products, allowing for a more intuitive understanding. The duration of the training is extended, allowing employees to better absorb and integrate the knowledge. This sets a foundation for new employees to quickly assimilate into the company.


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