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International Women's Day-Outdoor Mountain Climbing

Mar 08,2023

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Hardworking, dedicated, persistent, and devoted... At Taurus Technology, female employees are a stunning "scenery." They always remember their responsibilities and missions, showing the same strength and determination as their male counterparts. In different positions, they work diligently and silently, supporting half of Taurus with their actions, embodying the role of modern women.

In this beautiful springtime, to ensure that female employees working in various positions can enjoy a warm holiday and fully demonstrate their charm during the company's new growth and journey, a themed outdoor excursion titled "Taurus, Youthful Life, Enjoyment from the Heart" was carefully organized and planned on March 8, the 113th International Women's Day. It provided everyone with a pleasant afternoon to share.


Accompanied by the warmth of early spring, embraced by the gentle spring breeze, and stepping with cheerful strides, the Taurus employees were all in high spirits as they climbed the steps and reached the summit of Qingyuan Mountain, sharing the joy of the excursion. Laughter, admiration, and the beautiful scenery echoed each other as they ascended the stairs, breathing in the fresh mountain air and enjoying the breathtaking natural beauty.

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As the women's talents flourish, their efforts continue to contribute to the company's progress. This spring excursion fully showcased the healthy, vibrant spirit of the Taurus employees. The werewolf game brought them closer, strengthened their friendships, further united their workforce, and ignited their enthusiasm to excel in their respective positions, providing better service for the high-quality development of the company. Everyone expressed their commitment to dedicate themselves to work with a more energetic and practical approach in the future, using their actions to contribute to the high-quality development of Taurus Technology!


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