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How Do You Install a Deck Support Post?

Aug 11,2023

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Installing deck support posts is a crucial part of building a sturdy and stable deck. Properly installed support posts ensure that the deck structure is secure and capable of bearing the expected load. So, how do you install deck support posts?

The first step is to determine the location and number of support posts. This typically involves factors such as deck size, shape, expected load, and local building codes. Based on these factors, you need to determine the exact number and placement of support posts. Note that before installing support posts, it is necessary to check if the ground is level. If the ground is uneven, leveling work needs to be done.

Next, place the support posts in the specified location. If you want to install support posts on the existing concrete surface, the height below 30cm can not be fixed, if you need to fix it, you can use cement or industrial glue to provide better support and stability.

Cushioning can be added to the bottom of support posts to prevent moisture and rot. You can protect support posts with pressure-treated wood, waterproof paint, or another suitable material. In addition, the condition of support posts should be checked regularly and maintained and replaced as necessary.

Finally, if you need to install beams, you'll need to secure them to support posts via joist cradles. Like columns, beams must be strong enough to meet building codes.

In summary, when installing deck support posts, it is essential to ensure that the number and location of support posts are correct and comply with local building codes. To ensure the stability and safety of the deck, follow the correct installation procedures and regularly inspect and maintain the support posts.