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How Do You Use Adjustable Decking Feet?

Aug 11,2023

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When building a deck, it is essential to ensure that the substructure on which the decking boards rest is level and stable. One way to achieve this is by using adjustable decking feet, which are designed to provide a strong and level base for decking installations. In this article, we will explore how to use adjustable decking feet.

The first step in using adjustable decking feet is to ensure that the ground on which the feet will be placed is level and compacted. This can be achieved by removing any excess soil or debris and compacting the area with a compactor or tamper.

Once the ground has been prepared, the next step is to lay out the adjustable decking feet according to the dimensions of the deck. The spacing between the feet will depend on the size and weight of the decking boards, as well as the expected loads on the deck. It is important to ensure that the feet are evenly spaced and aligned to ensure a level substructure.

After laying out the feet, the next step is to adjust them to the correct height. Most adjustable decking feet come with a built-in adjustment mechanism that allows for easy height adjustment. The goal is to make sure that all the feet are at the same height and that the substructure is level.

Once the feet have been adjusted to the correct height, the next step is to add support joists to the top of the feet. These can be attached to the feet using screws or brackets, and should be spaced according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is essential to ensure that the joists are securely attached to the feet to provide a stable base for the decking boards.


Finally, the decking boards can be installed on top of the substructure. It is important to ensure that the boards are installed perpendicular to the joists and are properly spaced. The decking boards can be attached to the joists using screws or clips, depending on the type of decking material.

In conclusion, adjustable decking feet are an essential component of any deck installation. By following the manufacturer's instructions and ensuring that the feet are level and properly adjusted, it is possible to create a stable and long-lasting substructure for your deck. When installed correctly, adjustable decking feet can help ensure that your deck is safe and comfortable for years to come.