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【Project】: Beijing Dongshenghui Club

Location: Beijing,China

Product Info:TA-AHeight adjustment:110-160mm; Quantity:3080 sets. TA-AHeight adjustment: 75-100mm;Quantity:8100 sets.

Located in Beijing, Dongshenghui Club has a total area of 200,000 square meters. The main functional facilities include 28 items in three categories: business, leisure and culture. It has the reputation of "Supreme Garden" in Beijing. After more than 2 months of market research and testing, the person in charge of the project finally decided to use Taurus paving pedestal for construction. Two heights of paving pedestals were used throughout the project, 3080 sets of TA-A 110-160mm and 8100 sets of TA-A 75-100mm. They are respectively laid in many places such as terraces, passages and pedestrian plazas. In this project, pedestals was used together with outdoor ceramic tiles, and the bottom was reinforced with cement mortar. The overhead surface formed after paving marble can not only pass people away, but also cover water pipes and wires. More importantly, future maintenance does not need to damage the appearance of the building. can be done easily. The whole building has achieved a qualitative leap.