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【Project】: Xuhui No.7 courtyard

Location: Beijing,China

Product Info:TA-AHeight adjustment: 280-430mm;Quantity: .

Beijing Xuhui No.7 courtyard is a high-end residential project located in the Heping District of Beijing, China. Developed by Xuhui Group, the project covers an area of 14.2 million square meters and has a total built-up area of 46.8 million square meters. The project follows Xuhui Group's traditional European architectural style and features high-end amenities and property management services, such as personal assistants and security systems. The project's housing prices are high, making it one of the high-end residential projects in Heping District, Beijing. At the entrance to Beijing Xuhui No.7 courtyard, a mirrow landscape using Taurus adjustable pedestals was installed for the installation of fountains and decorative ponds. The Taurus adjustable pedestal has a range of functions, including height adjustment and rotation, making it ideal for supporting fountain sumps and ponds and allowing users to adjust the height and position of the water surface for optimal effect. When installing the adjustable pedestal, factors such as the height of the fountain or pond, the amount of water used, and the speed of the water flow need to be considered. In general, the height of the adjustable pedestal should be consistent with the height of the fountain or pond, making it easier for users to adjust the height and position of the water surface. Additionally, the amount of water used and the speed of the water flow need to be considered in order for the adjustable pedestal to support and withstand these loads. By using the Taurus adjustable pedestal, the water feature project at Beijing Xuhui No.7 courtyard achieved optimal water effects and ensured the stability and safety of the fountain and pond. The use of the adjustable pedestal added beauty and practicality to the project, while also improving its overall quality.