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Professional adjustable plastic pedestal manufacturer / supplier , SGS factory verification

【Project】: Baillargues, France

Location: Baillargues, France

Product Info:TA-RHeight adjustment: 75-100mm; Quantity: 1600 sets.

This project is located in Baillargues, France. Using our TA-R adjustable deck supports, this series of pedestals can bear a load of 2000kg-3000kg by virtue of the advantages of the product structure. When the customer used pedestal, they did not harden the foundation ground. For the ground with a few potholes, they leveled it with bricks or planks. At the top of the pedestal, a metal keel with strong toughness is used for hollowing out, and a larger metal keel is used for reinforcement at a certain distance, and the floor is used to pave on this basis. The stability index of the plane can be imagined. But as a manufacturer of Adjusatble pedestal, we recommend that the ground be hardened and leveled when using pedestal to avoid ground depressions caused by rainfall, which will affect the stability of the plane. The client said that they built it as a temporary private wedding party venue, which is not for long-term use, so they told us not to worry at all. For their creation, we have to marvel, there is no doubt that this is a very good solution.