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【Project】: Canada private courtyard

Location: Canada

Product Info:TA-UHeight adjustment: 45-70mm;.

Owning an independent house and courtyard, and a house at the end of the yard dedicated to storing sundries is the yearning of most people living in the city, away from the noise and courage of the city, and focus on their inner pursuits. Today's customer is one of the lucky ones. This decking pedestal project is located in Canada. As a DIY enthusiast, he wants to transform his private yard to make it more natural. He uses the pedestal of the TA-U series, the load-bearing range is 900-1500kg. The adjustment height is 45-70mm. The aluminum alloy keel is matched with a 40.6mm joist craddle, and a pedestal is placed every 300mm. The entire deck is raised to a height of 60mm. The raised deck reduces the risk of being bitten by ants and insects, and the risk of rain corrosion, and the service life of the deck is also extended. During operation, just follow normal operating procedures to secure the deck and keel, these pedestals do not need to be anchored to the ground as they have been designed to be self-standing and will hold the weight of your deck or patio. The installation of Taurus pedestaL is simple and fast, and any beginner can do it by himself. A wooden fence and a textured wooden deck make everything look more harmonious.