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【Project】: Nanjing Software Park

Location: Nanjing Software Park, China

Product Info:TA-AHeight adjustment: 390-660mm; Quantity: 6005sets.

The Nanjing Software Park is located in Pukou District, Nanjing City and belongs to the national-level Nanjing High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It covers an area of approximately 11.3 square kilometers, facing the Yangtze River and backed by Laoshan Mountain. It is adjacent to the national-level Xijiangkou Wetland Park and Qingao Sports Park, and is part of the same area as the Zijin (High-tech) Special Zone, Zijin (Pukou) Special Zone, and International Enterprise R&D Park, which gives it inherent transportation and ecological advantages. Huawei Jiang is an important part of this software park. The TA-A adjustable pedestal system was used for the rooftop garden at this project. The bottom of the pedestal is fixed to the ground with cement. Rooftop paver systems provide a beautiful and practical platform that can add more decorative elements to the roof. At the same time, these systems can provide walkable space for the park's employees and visitors, creating a quiet and comfortable outdoor rest area. Waterproofing is very important for roofs that are exposed to the wind and rain, and paver systems can effectively protect the roof from water damage.