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【Project】: Japan Private Garden Pathway

Location: Japan

Product Info:TA-UHeight adjustment: 24-28.5mm.

This project is located in a garden in Japan. The owner is a Japanese-Mexican who likes DIY very much. There is a passage between the house and the warehouse. Because there is no cover, it is very inconvenient to enter and exit the warehouse whenever it rains. The stagnant water in the passage often makes it difficult to pass. For this reason, the male owner bought a decking pedestal of TA-U 24-28.5mm from us and planned to DIY it. The size of the joist craddle he uses is 50-70mm, which can fit perfectly with the aluminum alloy keel. The thick aluminum alloy keel is matched with high-quality plastic-wood deck, so that the entire passage has a texture in the courtyard. The frame made of aluminum keel reaches to the top, covered with transparent glazed tiles, no need to worry about the bad weather.