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【Project】: Shanghai Minhang District roof project

Location: Shanghai, China

Product Info:TA-AHeight adjustment: 335-460mm; Quantity: 5216 sets.

This project is one of many outstanding projects of Taurus, located in Shanghai, the Pearl of the Orient in China. The entire roof is elevated with Taurus decking pedestal, using 5216 sets of TA-A 335--460mm, and the adjustment height of the project is 420mm. The distance between the keel slots is 50-70mm. After fixing the wooden keel and joist craddle with screws, lay the deck , making the pedestal and the wooden deck a fixed whole, utilizing the weight of the deck itself, the bottom of the pedestal is not additionally fixed to the ground. Finally, just put plants on the roof, as well as outdoor seating and shade hills, etc., and the roof garden is complete. Building a roof garden can reduce the erosion of rainwater on the concrete slab, protect the waterproof layer of the roof, and prevent the roof from leaking. Especially for the huge buildings in the city, the roof garden can increase the usable area of the building, enrich the pitching landscape of the city, compensate for the green ground occupied by the building, and greatly improve the green coverage of the city. It is a roof form worthy of vigorous promotion because of its cooling and heat insulation effect. It is widely used by architectural designers in the design of terraces, balconies, parking lot roofs, restaurant and hotel roofs and other areas.