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Professional adjustable plastic pedestal manufacturer / supplier , SGS factory verification

【Project】: Nanchong Yulong Bay

Location: Yulong Bay on Binjiang Road, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province.

Product Info:TA-AHeight adjustment: 590-850mm; Quantity: 3,420 sets.

This project is located in Yulong Bay on Binjiang Road, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province. The total planned area of the project is 170,000 square meters, and the entire community is covered in lush greenery, creating a beautiful environment that is perfect for living. As soon as you enter Yulong Bay, you will be greeted by a mirror-like water surface, and the surrounding mist sprayers add a touch of mystery to the landscape, making it an irresistible attraction. To ensure the safety of the project, the entire structure needs to be raised by 600mm above the ground. Therefore, they have very high quality requirements for the pedestals used to support the structure. After the samples passed the test, they even sent someone to Taurus factory to inspect the production workshop and learn about the detailed manufacturing process of the product. To reassure the customer, we conducted a load-bearing test on our paving pedestals on-site. It was found that each pedestal can bear up to 823kg, which fully guarantees the safety of the project. Upon seeing this, the customer signed the contract with us on the spot.