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【Project】: Shanghai Pudong New Area Sanlin World Expo Creative Park

decking pedestals

Location: Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Product Info:TA-APedestal Adjustment Height: 290-420mm.

Sanlin World Expo Creative Park is located at Lingyan South Road, Haiyang Road, Pudong New Area. It covers an area of 19,513 square meters with a building area of 21,451 square meters. The architectural planning and design of Sanlin World Expo Creative Park are innovative. Following the purpose of supporting and serving the World Expo, the park is divided into six functional areas: creative park, research and development center, exhibition center, catering and shopping, service management, and waterfront landscape.

Our decking pedestals were used in the Sanlin World Expo Creative Park to elevate the open space within the park. The area was previously a fountain water feature, but due to years of neglect and an outdated construction plan, the stonework of the fountain has become heavily alkaline, and repairing the malfunction at the bottom of the fountain would require destructive measures. To save costs, the construction team decided to remove the previous water feature and use our pedestal system to support elevated wooden decking. The steel joists were securely fixed on the pedestals to provide stability to the entire platform. After completion, the area has been completely transformed. The drainage effect is excellent, and the decking is well protected. The project has also successfully passed the engineering acceptance inspection.