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【Project】: Sichuan Xichang Lingdi·Yueqionghai

tile pedestalsadjustable pedestals for tilestile pedestal systems

Location: East Extension of Aerospace Avenue, Xichang City, Sichuan Province

Product Info:TA-APedestal Adjustment Height: 220-320mm.

Located by the Sichuan province the east side of Xichang City, Lingdi Yue Qionghai offers an exclusive waterfront living experience, embodying a reevaluation of the mountain and lake resources. Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Tianfu region, the project showcases the essence of Sichuan scenery, creating a harmonious blend of modern luxury and ecological serenity.

The entrance design adopts a symmetrical layout, with a stunning central mirror water feature that immediately catches the eye. The mirror water feature is supported by adjustable tile pedestals, ensuring a clean, tidy, and visually appealing water space. It creates a sense of wonder, reminiscent of the famous Chinese proverb "When mountains are exhausted and rivers run dry, new villages emerge among the willow trees." Additionally, the use of tile pedestals addresses the installation of pipelines during construction and facilitates future maintenance. With the utilization of 1200 sets of TA-A tile pedestal systems, the installation of the mirror water feature becomes swift and flexible, allowing for easy pipeline layout adjustments. Importantly, it also facilitates maintenance and repair, as specific sections can be easily disassembled and reinstalled as needed. Spacer tabs are included to maintain consistent and aligned gaps between the stones, ensuring smooth water flow.

An elegant arched bridge connects the waterway and the sales center, symbolizing progress and prosperity. The shimmering pool of water reflects the enchanting palace lights, creating a dynamic and mesmerizing scene. Standing on the bridge, you'll be captivated by the harmonious interaction between your own reflection and the water, truly experiencing the beauty of the surroundings.