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【Project】: Guilin Danxia Bajiao Village

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Location: 290-470mm

Product Info:TA-AHeight adjustment: 290-470mm.

Guilin's Danxia Bajiao Village, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, National Forest Park, National Geopark, and a 4A-level scenic area, has been recognized as one of "China's Seven Most Beautiful Danxia Landforms" by the Chinese National Geographic magazine. Bajiao Village boasts four major types of Danxia landforms: Danxia Peak Forest, Danxia Isolated Peaks, Danxia Peak Hills, and Danxia Micro-landforms, making it a rare and precious gem known as the "soul of Danxia and the treasure of the nation." Spanning over 125 square kilometers, with its main peak reaching an elevation of 818 meters, the village gets its name from the eight protruding peaks at its summit, making it an excellent destination for summer retreats and winter snow appreciation in the Lingnan region.

At the base of the mountains, a mirror-like water feature has been created using our TA-A series 290-470mm paving pedestals, totaling 6000 sets. Given that Danxia itself features hydrological characteristics such as streams and small waterfalls, the planned water feature enhances and highlights the topographical characteristics, contributing to a more harmonious overall landscape. Integrating seamlessly with the natural beauty of Bajiaozhai, the reflection of the majestic peaks in the mirror-like water enhances the grandeur of each mountain. As the seasons change, the reflections in the water feature showcase a different charm, attracting numerous visitors to come and enjoy the scenery.